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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reported that Geothermal Exchange Systems save homeowners 30–70 percent in heating costs, and 20–50 percent in cooling costs, compared to conventional systems!

Geothermal technology has a lot to offer you:

  • Greater levels of home comfort and control
  • Energy savings and much lower electric bills
  • Drastically reduced hot water costs—up to 30% annually
  • Less maintenance
  • Enhanced home resale value
  • The endorsement of the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Environmental
    Protection Agency (EPA)
  • A proven track record—over 30 years of effectively cooling and heating homes
  • Environmentally friendly technology— cuts greenhouse gas emissions (Putting a geothermal system in a typical home is equal, in greenhouse gas reduction, to planting an acre of trees—or taking 2 cars off the road.)*
  • Strengthened U.S. energy security — reduced foreign oil consumption (Current geothermal installations in the U.S. equal 14 million barrels of crude oil saved per year. 650,000 installations = 14 million barrels of oil saved.)*

*Geoexchange facts are from the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium—www.ghpc.org


How Does Geothermal Work?

Warm in the Winter: The Earth absorbs a huge amount of energy from the sun—more than 500 times the energy we need each year. Geothermal systems use this heat during the heating season at an efficiency approaching or exceeding 400 percent.

Cool in the Summer: The Earth absorbs energy, but it also acts as a buffer. At 5 to 7 feet down, the temperature of the Earth stays cool year-round. During the heat of summer, geothermal systems use the cool Earth to keep your home comfortable.

Heating or cooling, you win both ways.

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“If this home had a normal system, I would not be able to afford it at all. It’s a very reliable system. I can count on it to save money every month.”
Michael Traylor, Geothermal Homeowner, Hillside Oaks Subdivision,Dallas, TX*

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More information about geoexchange is available from the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of geoexchange technology. GHPC acts as a resource for anyone wishing to know more about geoexchange and can provide technical expertise, marketing research data and
insight, and current industry activity status. GHPC can be reached toll-free at 1-888-333-4472, or on the Internet at www.geoexchange.org.